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The Sheep Collective
We are a collection of farmers, truck drivers, vets and industry representatives. We care about Australia's sheep sector, from our farmers through to you in the community.
We care about

The Sheep Collective is a collaboration of exporters, importers, industry bodies and producers. It's about showing the care given to sheep in the live export process.

There are many reasons why we export our live animals to other countries. The Australian sheep industry has continued to grow since the first animals were exported more than 150 years ago. Our own population simply is not large enough to sustain the sheep farming industry based solely on the local consumer market.

Some of the representatives from The Sheep Collective
How it works

Animal Health and Welfare

Ensuring the health and welfare of our sheep is at the core of what we do, across the supply chain, every day. Our husbandry methods are constantly modified with low stress management the prime consideration each time we handle the sheep. Access to quality food and water is provided at all stages as well as treatment for local pests and diseases and quarantine when required. 

Harnessing research to continually refine all our procedures for the comfort and health of our animals is paramount for every stage of the supply chain.

In the news

Website launched to promote live sheep supply chain

Zach Relph from The West Australian’s Countryman covers the launch of The Sheep Collective which is a collaborative of industry bodies, producers and exporters.  The Sheep Collective aims to provide clarity surrounding the live sheep sector across the entire supply chain.

Sky News and 6PR’s Oliver Peterson discuss The Sheep Collective

Oliver Peterson on live exports: "There’s such a loud activist voice that’s trying to shut this trade down. I think we’ve got to give the industry one last chance. It’s such a complicated issue, we can’t just shut the trade down."